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May 14, 2013

Sharon asks…

I need to fill my pond with dirt but don’t know how much?

It is 24′ long, 10′ X 17′ at one end & 17′ X 7′ at the other. It is 30″D overall, How much dirt do I need to order?

Administrator answers:

10′X17′X2.5′(30″) = 425 CuFt = 16 CuYd
17′X7′X2.5′=298 CuFt = 11 CuYd

Total = 27 Cubic Yards


Maria asks…

I have an ACER aspire one AO751h that is missing the operating system?

as this little computer has no dvd drive i need to be able to download the operating system to a jump drive from one computer to another. My question is this…where can i find a free download to get this computer back up and running?
I have another acer of the same type as well that is running just fine, the second one belongs to my mother, is there a way i can copy the operating system from the working one to the non working computer to get it back up and running?

Administrator answers:

might take awhile

Richard asks…

What….173.9 KMPH…? Was Speedgun on alcohol OR Was Morne Morkel on Redbull ?

Did Morne Morkel really bowled a delivery at 173.9 KMPH yesterday against RCB ?

Well, if you go by the speed gun’s reading at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, he did bowl the fastest delivery in the history. Morkel’s speed was recorded at 173.9 kph!

Seeing this on TV, Morkel’s South African team-mate Dale Steyn was quick to tweet on this. He wrote on his twitter page: “Did Morkel just bowl 173.9kmh??? Haha! He’s quick but that’s real QUICK!.. This is what Morkel is capable of!!! Bring the heat!!! Haha”

What was that? :P
Someone has reported my question just now. May be Shoib Akhtar ? :P

Administrator answers:

I asked a question a few days back about the difference in watching IPL and County Cricket . One difference is, if you see a medium fast bowler who normally bowls at 132kmph in international cricket, bowling at 155 kmph, its IPL and if there’s no speedgun at all to measure the speed, its county cricket.

Some day (probably today itself), you’ll see Dravid sitting in the dug out already out and the score board showing him playing on 102 off 26 balls.

Paul asks…

i dont find games can i play with my freinds?

i have a pc dellalien ware x17 extreme and i have 3 xbox360 pc controllers but i dont find i can play with my freinds at my house help me

Administrator answers:

Are there any PC games with local co-op? I don’t believe so.. Google Search Results :…0.0…1c.1.8.hp.MIoZxI6Z6u4&psj=1&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44990110,d.dmQ&fp=cbbd18d340d95808&biw=1229&bih=816

Linda asks…

What’s a good strategic yugioh deck?

I got the starter deck 2009 and added some cards to it but im wondering whats a strategic deck for yugioh unbeatable and how?

Administrator answers:

Here I’ll tell you my deck. It’s pretty close to unbeatable

Monsters x17
X-Head Cannon
Y-Dragon Head
Z-Metal Tank
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
Elemental Hero Avian
Red Eyes Black Dragon
Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
Rocket Warrior
Frequency Magician
Mystic Swordsman LV6
Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy Of The End
Breaker The Magical Warrior
Thousand-Eyes Idol
Blue Eyes White Dragon

Fusion Monsters x3
Evil Hero Inferno Wing
XYZ-Dragon Cannon
Thousand-Eyes Restrict

Synchro Monsters x1
Stardust Dragon

Ritual Monsters x1

Traps x10
Cyber Summon Blaster
Ominious Fourtune Telling
Ultimate Offering
Synchro Deflector
Dimension Wall
Divine Wrath
Sakuretsu Armor
Blast With Chain
Spell Sheild Type-8

Spell/Magic x12
Monster Reborn
Smashing Ground
Card Destruction
Black Illusion Ritual
Lightning Vortex
Dark Fusion
Symbols Of Duty
Horn Of The Unicorn
Ribbon Of Rebirth

Mary asks…

Anyone have advice on a swingset for a 6 1/2 year old?

Buying a new house and I want to put up a swing set for my 6 1/2 year old son. He is all boy and 71 pounds. Any recommendations? The ones I’ve seen on Walmart and Kmart say ages 2-10 but some reviews say they are not sturdy. Please and thanks.

Administrator answers:

1. Playtime Snipe Series Swing Set
- A rugged play set with a 2.75H’ platform
- Redwood colored water-seal stain, canvas roof and safety rails
- Angled access ladder, sling slide, glider, rings, trapeze bar, 8H’ wave slide and more
- For ages 2-10 yrs. Children up to 150 lbs.
- Assembly Required
- Supports Up to 150 lbs.
- Dimensions: 8′x17’3″ ‘

2. Playtime Star Series Swing Set
- A rugged and versatile play set with a 5H’ platform
- Redwood colored water-seal stain, wooden roof and safety rails
- Angled flat step ladder, rock wall, sand box, sling swing, glider, rings, trapeze bar, 10H’ wave slide and more
- For ages 2-10 yrs. Children up to 150 lbs.
- 123Hx201Wx174D”
- Assembly Required
- Supports Up to 150 lbs.
- Dimensions: 14’6″x16’9″ ‘

3. Playtime Thistle Series Swing Set
- A rugged, versatile backyard set with a unique 6-sided design
- Redwood-color, water-seal stain, canvas roof and safety rails
- Angled access ladder, sling swing, rings, trapeze bar, sand box, 8H’ wave slide and more
- For ages 2-10 yrs. Children up to 150 lbs.
- 144Hx204Wx120L”
- Assembly Required
- Supports Up to 150 lbs.
- Dimensions: 12′x17′ ‘

Jenny asks…

Whats the name of this drink (starbucks)?
& is it good ?

Administrator answers:

The one she’s holding in her hand?
That’s either a Black Tea Lemonade or a Green Tea Lemonade. I can’t tell for sure with the color– the colors actually come out pretty close. It does look like there’s lemonade in there though since the color is a little different.

In either case, they’re delicious! You should try one!

Sandy asks…

how to express numbers as products of prime factors using index form?

i’ve forgoten so help please

Administrator answers:

This means just grouping numbers as products of prime factors. Lets take 68.

Its prime factors are 2, 2 and 17 (to find these, just divide your number by prime numbers until you arrive at a prime number: 68/2=34 34/2=17.)

In index form, just group your factors (because they are mulitplied. So:

68=(2 to the power of 2)x17
Or 68=(2^2)x17

Powers mean index form :)

Lisa asks…

Qs for Food Service Managers?

I received a pink letter with lots of caps, exclamation points (well 2), and language that seemed to indicate urgency. It was from a place called “State” Food Service Compliance Center. “State” being the state I’m in. The letter basically describes the law that requires signs reminding employees to wash their hands, the possible punishments for not having the signs, and a requirement that the signs must not be self-made. Despite their name, they say they are a non-governmental organization providing mandatory Approved Hand Washing Posters. So,

1. Is there really a requirement to post these signs?
2. Is it true that it can not be self-made?
3. Do I have to get it from them?
4. Isn’t $20 + shipping for a 11″x17” sign a bit much?
5. This is a scam isn’t it?

Please include a source for you answer.

Administrator answers:

1. Yes
2. No
3. No
4. Yes
5. Not really a “scam” but certanly sketchy marketing techniques. If they did claim to be a state agency and said that you were required to buy from them, then I would call it a “scam.”

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