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May 19, 2013

Laura asks…

Doesn’t Marilyn Manson look like Nicholas Cage without make-up, I think so xD (pic)?

Administrator answers:

Wow,yes,i wouldn’t have guessed that was Marilyn Manson.

Michael asks…

Do these these drug photos of Lindsay Lohan real to youu?

Administrator answers:

That’s not a syringe.

But nice to know the lesbian hookup rumors about her and Paris were true.

Donna asks…

Which of the two outfits do you like best?

Please rate them both on a scale of 1-10
Thanks heaps ;-)
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Thanks 4 looking! ;-)

Administrator answers:

Wow! You look fabulous in both!
It’s a toss-up.
Outfit 2: 10
Outfit 1: 10.5
You have a terrific physique that would virtually look marvelous in anything you wear. Give us more outfits to rate, please!

Ruth asks…

Which out of the two outfits do you like best?

Please rate them both on a scale of 1-10
Thanks heaps! ;-) ;-) ;-)
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Administrator answers:

I’m giving you the thumbs up on both.
Outfit 1 tends to stand out just a tad more
than Outfit 2. So, #1 gets a 10+
#2 gets a 10
Say, why aren’t you a model already?
You should be glazing to covers of fashion
magazines by now.

Susan asks…

nuclear reactor what are fuel assemblies? controling rod?

what are fuel assemblies and controlling rods made of, and what are they for?

Administrator answers:

Fuel assemblies are 3m long assemblies of fuel pins. There are 17 X17 pins in each assembly. A pin is made of a zircalloy cladding. Inside the cladding there are numerous cylindrical uranium oxide pellets. Each pellet is about 3cm long and 1 cm diameter. At the end of every pin there is a spring that pushes the pellets tightly inside the fuel pin.
To control the nuclear reaction we need a means to absorb thermal neutrons that sustain the reactions. Here comes the control rod. In some of the fuel assemblies we replace the fuel pins with channel or spaces that can take control rods. These will be about 8 channels. The control rods are made of neutron absorbing materials. When we want to reduce power density in the fuel, the rods are inserted. To increase power the rods are withdrawn.
Control rods are the quickest way to increase or reduce the power. For long term increase or reduction we use Boron to absorb neutrons. Boron is a very good absorber of neutrons and we increase or reduce the concentration as required.
Good luck in your studies.

Nancy asks…

Where can i download oem (not retail) version of windows 7 home premium 64-bit?

i have the product key but unfortunately forgot to backup windows7 b4 formatting.

Administrator answers:

You may download it from Digital River, the official online distributor of Microsoft products. Here’s the ISO of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit:

You can use either a retail and OEM product key to activate it. It is the key that dictates whether the copy will be a retail or an OEM version. In fact, you can even use it to install a different edition provided you have the right product key to match it of course. Here’s how to convert it to a universal installer so you can choose Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate:

You may transfer the ISO to a blank DVD or a USB flash drive with at least 4GB capacity using this:

Sandy asks…

Need help with understanding the metro station at NYC?

I always get lost. Help.

Administrator answers:

For example, please go either NYC Subway Map
New York City has local, express and three shuttle trains. Franklin Av Shuttle, Rockaway Parrk Shuttle and 42nd St Shuttle.

Hours are varies into 5 groups.
Rush Hours: 6:30 to 9:30am and 3:30pm to 8:00pm Monday thru Friday

Middays: 9:30am to 3:30pm Monday thru Friday

Evenings: 8pm to 12am Monday thru Friday

Weekend: 12:00am to 6:30am Saturday and Sunday

Late Nights: 12:00am to 6:30am daily.

On map, single black dot indicateds only local train stop there.

If it was white circle or almost rectulanguar shape, all local and express, shuttle train stop there.
If it was black line connecting white circle to white circle like 42nd St/Port Authority and Times Sq, it:s free transfer.

If it was black line connecting to white rectagular shape, it means you can transfer free from this local station to another station.

At stations, there are number and letter of trains indicated by two ways.
If one of subway lines are faded like for example, W is Weekdays only and N train stop at 23rd St on Weekend only, or (R) train does not stop in Manhattan or Queens.

Square on subway line means, it:s terminal for these trains.
If it was white rectlauglar shape with shaded means you have to use your MetroCard for these FREE OUT OF SYSTEM TRANSFER.

Also there are some part where they have peak express/skip-stop is line with , , , ,

Train with circle is local and express stops.
If it was diamond that depends on line.
: It means Manhattan-bound will run express in Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn during AM Rush Hour or AM hours only while PM and PM Rush Hour, it is express back to their terminal in their boroughs.
Subway map show your all bus connections, LIRR, MNRR, Staten Island Railway and ferry and PATH connectiing major transfer point.

Once you learn the system, you need to buy MetroCard.
Currnet fare is $2 on both subway and buses, SIR, and Bee-Line buses except for express buses (Coach Buses) are $5.
Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard (in MetroCard Vending Machine, it is marked as Regular MetroCard)
Put with $7.50 or more will give you 15% bonus.
Within two hours using this Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard will give you free transfer to subway to bus, bus to bus.
Free transfers within 2-hours.
Bx12SBS Machine to Bee-Line 62: Free transfer.
BL45 to QBx1: Free transfer.
QM1A to Q46; Free transfer.
X23 to S55, free transfer.
BxM4C to X17
23rd St-Ely Av and Court Sq to 45th Rd-Court House Sq Subway Station free transfer or Lex Av-63rd and 59th Sts, free transfer.

M15 or Q102 to Tram, free transfer.
(A) train to Bx12SBS, free transfer.

Unlimited MetroCard: It is already activated as moment you buy at machine or merchant.
1-Day $7.50. Expires 3am next day. Good for 1-day.
7-Day $25: Good for 7-day.
14-Day $47: Good for 14-day.
30-Day: $81. Good for 30-day. It does not go by Calender Month.
7-Day Express Bus: $41. Good for 7-days on both local buses, and $5 express buses, however not for Long Island Bus.

In Bronx, there is new line called Bx12 Select Bus Service, bus version of subway.
You must insert your MetroCard into MetroCard Fare collectors inside the bus station and obtain proof-of-payment receipt which is valid for 1-hour. With your receipt use both rear or front doors of Select Bus Service (Bus Rapid Transit).

You must present validaded receipt upon request by police or fare inspectors.

In Subway System, there is direction and time indicating where you need to board or which direction you:re heading to.

For example, let:s see if you:re coming from Coney Island, and want to go to Queens Center Mall, follow the sign to either D train. Since it:s telling, it says, D Uptown and Bronx. D train express.
If you want to take (Q), sign indicate Uptown and Bronx via Brighton Beach Local Broadway Express.
You take these trains to 34th St-Herald Sq where you:ll be directed to either (R) or (V) which says, Queens-bound on sign to either TO FOREST HILLS.
At Woodhaven Blvd, there is sign indicated toward exit to Queens Center Mall.

At some major stations, bus stops signs are also marked on station exits.

During the weekend, late night and midday, they have lots of construction, so listen carefully to announcement.
If it was free shuttle bus, MTA will be helping people to get/from Shuttle Bus.
Free Shuttle Bus use regular bus, so you do not have to paid.
Shuttle Bus are either marked with #1 train to Chambers St, A to Far Rockaway, or just plain Subway Shuttle.
For example like if there was no (E) service between Jamaica Center and Jamaica Van Wyck, if you take (E) to catch (J), at Kew Garden or Van Wyck Blvd, you:ll receive yellow transfer slip for Weekend Construction only. With that, you could re enter the subway at Sutphin Blvd or Jamaica Center.

On the new subway technology trains, it will be very good announcement like This is Bronx-bound (5) express train. Next stop is Grand Central.

This is Jamaica Center-bound (E) express train. Next stop is Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av.

New Technology cars are mostly run on (N), (R), (W), (Q), (2), (4), (5), (6), (M), (J), (Z) and (E) trains.

Sharon asks…

Dazzle Capture Card Trouble?

So when I try to import video from my xbox it records the video backwards… how do I fix it so it plays forwards again,
Alienware X17 Dazzle DVC 100 Pinnacle Studio 14

Administrator answers:

Dazzle is crap. Choose this capture card. I suggest you don’t get it new because it cost over $100. Get this, it comes with two games and all the wires you need. I would have gotten it but I already bought it for $100 last month. I should have waited.


Donald asks…

Solve these questions?

Multiply the following:


Evaluate the following:


Administrator answers:

Rules to remember:

Two positive numbers multiplied together gives a positive answer.
Two negative numbers multiplied together ALSO gives a positive answer.

A negative number multiplied by a positive number gives a negative answer.
A positive number multiplied by a negative number ALSO gives a negative answer.

1.18x(-4) = -72
2.(-7)x8 = -56
3.(-15)x24 = -360
4.(-6)x(-9) = 54
5.36x(-9) = -324
6.-14x(-16) = 224x (ie. This is the sum of two negative numbers)

Evaluate the following:

18 – 15 x 17 = -237, BUT
(18-15) x 17 = 51

In any sum containing +/- and //x, always perform the //x function before the +/- function, except when the inclusion of brackets tells you to perform it in a different order. That’s what the brackets are for, to tell you to perform the functions in an order that you wouldn’t otherwise do without the brackets.

1.(18-15)x17 = 51
2.0x(-6)x3 = 0 (because 0 x anything = 0)

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