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Your Questions About X17

May 22, 2013

Mandy asks…

Do mom & pop fishstores make good money?

Do mom & pop fishstores make good money? I’d really like to open one, one day. How much money do you guys guesstimate to open a store up?

Administrator answers:

I have never seen the mom or the pop driving BMW’s or Porche’s, have you?

You would need around 100 or more tanks of about 20 gallons each. Piping for the air and water would be a chore and then there is the storefront to rent. Utilities would be quite high too. You would do well to break even unless you specialized in certain types of very popular fish like cichlids, killies, catfish, etc.

Start up costs would probably run in the neighborhood of $10-15,000. You would also need to have all kinds of food and medications on hand.

Are you in an area that has nothing right now? Is there a chance that a big box store like Wal-Mart or some other giant will move in and undercut your prices.

Remember, you will have to have fish shipped from Florida wholesalers or imported from South America or Asia and pay the shipping on the fish. That runs about $35-40 per 17″x17″ box of fish.

Good luck if you “go for it!”

Carol asks…

whos prettier? 10 point best answer!?

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Administrator answers:

Well omg u r the most prettiest person in the world. Way better than me. At least that is wht I say. But that is my opinion good luck.

Donald asks…

Do you like my song or no?

Here it goes:
Why do you have, oh. (x2)
My dad told me to go to the computer and I did.
I went to the internet, oh. (x2)
My memories and my minds in the internet, do you like it?
I have a younger neighbor that I’m older than him.
He’s 7 and I’m 8.
Oh! (x17)
What do you have, oh. (x2)
I read my mind and my memories in my internet.

Administrator answers:

Keep working on it hon u will be a writer one day..maybe u can write a song for Jesus

George asks…

where are these clothes from?

1. the glasses

2. the top/dress

Administrator answers:


Robert asks…


is this really him or do you think it’s photoshoped..


Administrator answers:

Its Photoshopped for sure. I am a professional Photoshopper and this is a fair job, not the best. I loaded the one of him crouching into Photoshop and zoomed in on the head. There is an obvious dark line around the jawline, and the face color is slightly off. (should have brought the magenta up a teeny bit). The hair is wrong too. Although its wispy and wild-looking, the line delineating it from the background is too sharp. There are chunks of hair sticking out from his head, but no small ones, nor single hairs. And did u notice all the pics are taken with a white background behind his head? No pictures, no patterned wallpaper, no doorways intersecting where his head is. Im surprised how many have been fooled by this fairly obvious fakery. X17 seems to be down now too, I think they’re in big trouble. Any professional graphic designer can see these are fake. They blew it. I think people just want to believe kinky stuff about celebs because it gives them something to get excited about.

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