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August 13, 2013

Mary asks…

How to make Sharp end of the line in Coreldarw X5?

How to make half circle with one end sharp in the corel draw x5, pls help me out of it.

Administrator answers:

To create a circle, select the ellipse tool (F7) and create the ellipse while holding down the control key.
To change the circle into a half circle, use the shape tool (F10) and click and drag on one of the control points to make the half circle.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “with one sharp end”. If you want to manipulate the shape even further, right-click on the half circle and click “convert to curves”. You should then be able to use the shape tool to manipulate it further.

If that isn’t quite what you’re after, try using the artistic media tool.

Paul asks…

Can you put any type of gas in a 2004 BMW X5?

I heard that using unleaded gas in a 2004 X5 is for good performance. If use any other gas, will that damage the engine?

Administrator answers:

The car would have come from the factory with a recommended octane. I recommend you stay at that level or above. Example, if the car has a minimum octane rating of 89 then try a 91 or even a 93 octane. Using a lower grade can hurt the engine.

Joseph asks…

If I won a prize on powerball and played x2, but the website says x5, do I still win anything?

I still don’t get the rules down right. I payed $2 for the ticket for one play, but the winning powerball website says it is x5. I wouldn’t win much, but was wondering if I won anything.

Administrator answers:

You probably would get the prize for the powerball, but you wouldn’t get the multiplier.
You can check out all the rules here

Carol asks…

I have bmw x5 2000 I want to upgrade and install navigation and phone what is the best way and options?

I would like to get parts from a junkyard or a wrecked car.
I have handsfree streering wheel, but the hookup does not have to be bluetooth. It can be hardwired.
My current phone is samsung mma 920.
My x5 has DSP.
I want to do this myself and I would like it to only cost me for parts.
thanks !
Just to let eveeryone know I am perfectly capable of installing a navigation system into this car myself. What I specifically want to know is just how much I can upgrade the cars navigation without having to rewire everyother sensor in the car. Currently I heard I need an Mk4 computer, and a 16:9 screen, but as I go throught the tech manuals it looks like I may only be able to upgrade the unit to a wide screen (4:3) and an mkII. As far as the phone is concerned, i would be interested in an aftermarket bluetooth hookup, or instructions how to adapt the bmw hard wire phone so it can plug into my phones earplug and mic features. My biggest concern is I dont know enough aboout the DSP my car has and what roadblocks it may throw my way.

Also if the navigation works out, of course I would like to know if anyone has success installing the tv feature:)

Thanks all, Negative Nellies need not respond !

Administrator answers:

Sorry but you are going to need to take it to the dealership for that. They are pretty anal about installing stuff like that on your own and believe me you dont want to mess with the electrical part of that car. Also you wont find those cars in a junkyard and even if you did you wont find any of that stuff still laying around inside of them? You should of bought the car with all that stuff on it already.

Richard asks…

Does anyone know the iaudio x5 series and how do the compare?

Is the i auido x5 a good mp3 player, how are it’s funcionalities etc..

Administrator answers:

Iaudio is one of the best players you can get.I have the iaudio A2 but it has the same audio capabilities of the X5.
Iaudio does not cater to the mainstream like apple but for the techno buffs who know good players, the player has a sn ratio of 95 decibels which bests the ipods 82 db. It also has a 5 band equalizer with custom equalization and special sound enhancements such as BBE,mach3 bass and3d surround.the player is an all metal body which is very stylish, and the sound quality is like listening to a high stereo system in the palm of your hand. It supports so many file types and the software can convert your cd’s to mp3′s quite easily.check out reviews at,cnet and for more info

Susan asks…

How do you easily destroy the colony in Mega man x5?

Yesterday i went to and typed mega man x collection, then FAQs, and then i saw an article by “Randy Pandy” called changes;differences guide, and under Mega man x5, it said,”The enigma and shuttle now have a greater chance of NOT destroying the colony”.Does anyone have any easy ways to destroy the colony with the enigma? Also, it said rumble support has been completely removed. what is rumble support?

Administrator answers:

There’s a very rare chance of destroying the colony with the enigma even with all the parts. All you can do is gather all 4 parts and hope it works.

Not that it matters unless you want to skip the other 4 bosses

Rumble means the controller rumbles. So removing rumble support from the game means that the controller will not rumble at all during the game.

Donald asks…

Do you really see yourself x5 uglier than you really are?

My friend said its a true fact you see yourself x5 uglier than you are, is this true?

Administrator answers:

Well no that’s not true at all. I have met many pretty girls who think that they are ugly, many pretty girls who are very conceited and know that they are pretty, and in fact think they are 5x prettier than they really are. Some ugly women think that they are hot stuff which is hilarious, and there are many ugly women who are ugly and they know it!

To sum it up concisely (lol), no that rule is not true. Maybe applicable for some percentage of our population. DEFINITELY not everyone. Your friend is wrong honey.

Chris asks…

Trying to determine if my amp or radio is fried in my 2005BMW X5?

Can I pull out a radio from my friend’s 2003 X5 & put in my X5 to see if my radio is fried? Would his radio even work or does it need to be programmed to my X5?

Administrator answers:

Dealer technicians routinely do what you are planning to do. They call it “replacement with known good part”. This facilitates diagnosis.
You can start with either the radio or the amplifier (the latter is behind the left trim cover/panel in the trunk), it is a rectangular aluminum box
approximately 4″ width x 8″ length and 2″ thick.
Provided you just install any of them for a quick look see there would not be any problem, And there is no need to code/program them since they are already coded.
And if your X5 has navigation then there are other possibilities. BMW’s audio, video and telecommunications systems are interconnected. It is a complex affair.
So the underlying problem could also be the TCU (tel module) among other things.

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