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Your Questions About X5 Bmw

April 12, 2013

Ruth asks…

Where can I sell my BMW X5 for cash in NJ and what should I expect to get for it ?

I have a 2001 BMW X5 with 44,500 mls. and am looking to get 17K or better for it, I don’t want to wait and try and sell it myself I would much rather take it to a vehicle purchaser what should I expect to get from such a dealer in NJ, and who is a reputable purchaser to use.

Administrator answers:

Advertise on Craigs List. It is free! And you can search other cars like yours to see what people are asking.

Nancy asks…

What luxury sedan to get instead of BMW X5?

my dad doesnt know what car to get. he currently has a BMW X5 and wants to change it to a luxury sedan. he doesnt want to pay alot ( under 60k) and needs navigation. and he doesnt want to drive something that would give him 14mpg. he likes the 7 series but its really expensive. he doesnt mind getting used so long as it under 25k miles. What car should he get????? Please help!!!

Administrator answers:


For under $60,000, I am quite certain that your father could find some good condition and reasonably new used 7 Series models with under 25,000 miles. Pre-owned vehicles offer the best value as most of the heavy depreciation that occurs to new vehicles has already occurred. I have added a link for you to search for pre-owned BMWs on BMW USA below.

Fuel efficiency-wise, most of the recent BMWs will give you good mileage, even with 8-cylinders. The current 740i gives out 25 mpg highway.

If your father wants new, look at the 5 Series. It has won several awards for its outstanding safety and safety features, and comes with all the latest BMW offerings. The 528i sedan starts brand new at $45,000 and returns 32 mpg highway. If he wants something more premium in the 5 series range, BMW also offers the 535i at $50,000 with 30 mpg highway, and an AWD 535i is also available for $52,000 with 29 mpg highway.

I hope I have helped :D

Mary asks…

How to remove the rear spoiler from a 20019 BMW X5(E70)?

I have a 2009 BMW X5 and I need to replace the rear spoiler and since the old one was ripped off I dont know how to get the new one on. Does anyone have instructions for this?

Administrator answers:

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