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Your Questions About X5 Bmw

July 24, 2013

Sandra asks…

My BMW X5 sometimes starts, and sometimes it doesn’t. How can I fix it?

I own a BMW X5 2002.
When I put in my key, it doesn’t start. I have to try multiple times to get it to start.
Any suggestions on how I can fix this? I do have mechanical experience.
Thank you.

Administrator answers:

When you get in, turn the key to the “ON” position. The dash lights will come on, wait until most go out and then try the “Start” position.

Robert asks…

i changed the brakes on my bmw x5 how do i reset the computer so that the brake light goes out?

the brake light went on the dash because the brakes needed changing. i changed both front and rear brakes on my 2002 bmw x5 and the light on the dash is still on how do i reset the computer so that the light goes out.

Administrator answers:

Turn the key to the on position but do not start it. The light should reset after about 45 seconds. If not you will need to go to a mechanic that has a reset tool for the BMW

Betty asks…

How do I unlock a bmw X5?

My brother has a bmw X5 2003 that he left sitting in his garage for 6 months. He went to start it, but it wouldnt unlock. there is no place for him to manually unlock the car, no place for the key to go into. Does anyone know how to unlock the car??
Where is the key hole in the drivers side door? We tried removing the cover on the handle of the door, but there was nothing there for us to put the key in……….

Administrator answers:

I assume the battery has completely discharged. There is a key hole on the driver’s door only. In the event of an electrical malfunction,
turn the key to the extreme left or right to unlock/lock the door.

Update- the key hole is right there on the driver’s door handle. You can;t miss it unless someone has changed the handles on the vehcile. See attached diagram.
If the door handle’s been changed you can go through the rear hatch.
1. Remove the plastic plug from inside the cargo area and pull toward the interior. The liftgate will be released

Thomas asks…

BMW x5 hard suspension,feels not very comfortable on not straight town road? Is it normal?

I have BMW x5 3.0i 2002. But it feels a little bit non comfortable when you drive at slow speed and not straight road and feels bounce,like driving truck but not luxury car. PS I had Lexus RX300 2002 before,which was so comfortable that you didnt even feel inside the road driving,maybe because of more soft suspension. Please any details is fine.

Administrator answers:

Sounds normal to me,… If you wanted luxury and comfort you should have test driven a Lexus…SUV

You MIGHT be able to get a slightly smoother ride by replacing the shocks/struts with “comfort ones”… But most of the FIRM ride comes from the Springs… You can also try replacing the current tires with slightly bigger/softer ones… Im sure the current tires are a firm sport tire…

Enjoy your ride.

Chris asks…

What other cars or sport trucks will fit BMW X5 17 in RIMS?

My neighbor is selling them but i dont know if they will fit my maxima….I think the Bmw x5 has a diff lug pattern that isnt even on a universal rim

Administrator answers:

Theyre not gonna fit, the X5 wheels are 5×120 or close to it.

The offset issue will have to be addressed with spacers and adapters but technically theyll fit
Camaros(4th and 5th gen)

dont know what else but those cars ive seen with BMW wheels fitted on them the ridgeline had 2 sets of rears kissing the corners.

James asks…

Can i get warranty on used BMW x5 2002?

Hye,I am owndering if I can buy extended warranty for my BMW x5 2002 3.0i with 69k miles on it??? Will that warranty cover fixes as changing abs sensors or like abs module or fixing window washer or somethign like that? also can i buy maintanace plan as well to change oil and etc for free?

Administrator answers:

I dont believe you qualify for the BMW extended warranty since it isnt being sold through a dealer right now. BMW does not allow them to be purchased when you already own the car, only if you sell it to a BMW dealer who then sells it and certifies it.

1.) The warranty – Your best bet is either or W4W is a reseller of many companies warranties all of which meet your requirements. Genuine Warranty is the underwriter for most long term BMW warranties, including W4W’s.

2.) ABS Sensors/Modules/Window washers – All of those are items that extended warranties that are *exclusionary* should cover. Both companies in #1 cover them.

3.) Only Genuine Warranty offers the the maintenance plans with the warranties. Its more like prepaid oil changes with no deductible. Again too, W4W will offer that as an option, but other companies that W4W offers for contracts will not have it.

Remember that prepaid oil changes doesnt mean your B/C service, only schedule A.

There are probably other places to purchase from, these are just the two I am most familiar with and have had good experiences through.

Good luck!

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