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Your Questions About X51

May 6, 2013

Ruth asks…

Would the hdmi to vga cord work for the alienware x51 desktop?

I’m getting an alienware x51 desktop (the one that’s the size of a xbox 360) and it only has an hdmi port to connect to a monitor. However, my monitor only has a VGA input port to plug the desktop into and I was wondering if the hdmi to vga cord would work in connecting the desktop to the monitor.

Administrator answers:

Don’t worry, the Alienware X51 has a VGA port.
More details

Jenny asks…

Which is better a dell xps 8300 or the alienware X51 for gaming and general use?

Which one of these are better?I’m interested in playing games and general everyday computer use.
I am not interested in building my own pc.I have a VGA LED monitor will the x51 support this?Also it has a 240W PSU where as the xps has a 460W PSU.Can the 240W PSU cause any problems?

Administrator answers:

Dell XPS 8300 for general use

Alienware X51 for gaming.

Nancy asks…

What is the best GPU i can fit into an Alienware X51 and will it be safe?

thinking about getting a X51 but disappointed at the GPU limitations it has, whats the max that it can safely handle?

Administrator answers:

Alienware has become too much of a brand, try instead, they have some epic PC´s, and if you need a part they havnt listed on their site, call them and ask if they could fit it in your case :)

ive been told they are the ones who had alienware before it turned dell

Sharon asks…

If I buy a Alienware X51 do I need a specific monitor to see things or can I use a random one?

I’m thinking about buying a X51 but i’m worried I need a specific monitor to go with it.

Administrator answers:

Any present monitor is good for the X51.
Recommend the DELL UltraSharp™ U2212HMC 21.5″ Monitor.

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