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August 3, 2013

David asks…

What types of Graphic cards are compatible with the Alienware X51?

I was wondering what types of Graphic cards are compatible with the Alienware X51?

Administrator answers:

Not really alot. On dell’s website, it said it can handle the GTX 555, which is really ridiculous because according to nvidia’s website, the GTX 555 uses up to 150 watts, and the X51 only have a 330 watts power supply. Which i say it too low to power that. By the way, the GTX 555 is only for OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, this card is only for prebuild computers only. Anything higher power requirements than this card will not handle. I think the GTX 555 is the best card it can fit due to the small case.

You can look inside of the alienware X51 here:

Laura asks…

what should i buy a Alienware x51 or a Macbook pro?

I’m 13 and like gaming. Should i buy a Macbook pro or alienware x51. remember one is a laptop and one is a desktop.
And schoolwork and everyday stuff.

Administrator answers:

Gaming doesnt go with mac at all alienware is much better

Betty asks…

How i install externel graphic card gtx 690 to alienware desktop x51?

i want graphics update without touching x51 throughly.

Administrator answers:

There is nothing like external Graphics card.

If you wish you can buy a higher quality Graphics adapter and install it inside your desktop if a free, PCI / PCI-e / AGP slot is available.
You should also know that GTX690 costs about US $ 1000.

Susan asks…

Will a basic Alienware X51 be good for downloading MODs to Skyrim?

The best part about the elder scrolls is all the mods you can get and im hoping that the X51 will be able to download all the mods i want.

Administrator answers:

Sure, it can. Downloading MODs is using internet. If you can connect the internet you can downlod it for sure.

Richard asks…

Can you overclock a Alienware X51 i3 with a i7 processor?

I was thinking about getting a gaming computer. The cheapest X51 is i3 at $699.00. I was wondering if I could purchase a separate i7 processor and overclock it. Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

It’s most likely a locked bios so if it is then you won’t be able to overclock

Robert asks…

I want to upgrade the graphics card on the alienware x51?

I just got a alienware x51 and i want to upgrade the graphics card on it. It has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 555 and i would like to know if i can upgrade it to any thing better than the gtx 555 and will not over heat my desktop.

Administrator answers:

You can check out for EVGA GeForce GTX670 2048MB GDDR5 Skyrim: Amazing. Smooth. I felt the difference immediately; no more slight stutters when turning quickly.

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