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Your Questions About X5650

June 3, 2013

Jenny asks…

how to print colour passport size photo using camera,transfer to computer ,print to my lexmark x5650?

im using digital camera/window vista/lexmark X5650

Administrator answers:

Follow the steps on this site. It should work. I used it

Laura asks…

how do I scan a document and send by email on lexmark x5650?

Administrator answers:

Scan the document to a file on your computer.  Compose an email to the intended recipient.  Attach the file to the email.  Send the email.

Ken asks…

Lexmark X5650 Printer Problem On Vista?

I keep getting error when I try to print using Lexmark X5650 Printer. I have gone to the Lexmark website and downloaded the driver software, it still said “Job Status Window Interface has stopped Working”. Lexmark said it was a windows problem. What am I supposed to do now?

Administrator answers:

What is your operating system? Lexmark said this problem happens on X64 machines, but Lexmark also give a solution. You can visit Lexmark website, and download a patch names PrinterHomeFileDownloadError. Double-click on the patch and let the installation run, and then restart your computer. Try print again. If the problem still exists, maybe you should contract Microsoft and see whether or not they can help you.

Ruth asks…

x5650 printer listed as wireless this is not shown on box. Is this definitely wireless?

Administrator answers:

It CAN be wireless with an optional extra.

From Lexmark website :
Standard Ports USB 2.0 Specification Hi-Speed Certified (Type B)
USB Direct interface on Operator Panel
PictBridge Certified Port

Optional Network Ports Lexmark N4000e Fast Ethernet (Print and Scan)
Lexmark N4050e 802.11g Wireless Print Server (Print and Scan)

David asks…

is there a way of fooling the lexmark x5650 into thinking the refilled 36 & 37 cartridges are new ones?

the printer shows a ” Install print cartridges” message

Administrator answers:

I’m no expert on Lexmark printers, but that warning is telling me that you don’t have them installed right. Otherwise it would say something about ink levels low or out of ink.

If you are sure they are installed right, turn the printer off, wait 60 seconds, and turn it back on again.

William asks…

Lexmark X5650 scanner problems?

Whenever I turn it on the scanner starts up automatically and then i look at the scanner the belt looks like it is getting caught, how do I fix this? Is there somewhere that i can open it up and fix it myself?

Administrator answers:

If you have a hardware problem with the Lexmark X5650 printer, it’s better you contact Lexmark Technical Support for assistance since there’s no service manual to guide you on what to do and problem like this usually ends up being replaced. I hope I can assist you more on this.

Robert asks…

lexmark x5650 cannot delete a document says its deleting but doesn’t clear?

tried cancel all print jobs but still doesn’t work

Administrator answers:

If above don’t help you, do this

If you are having problems deleting print jobs that are in Queue
Install this Microsoft script to your desktop (When you save it, be sure that you add .txt at the end of it

Follow the instructions given in. “Method D: Stop the print spooler and delete all spooled files”

When installed, you may have to run the application twice

Michael asks…

Cant receive faxes on my Lexmark X5650 and lost my manual. Can anyone help? ( I can send, just cant receive)?

If you can help, it would be appreciated. I need help quick!

Administrator answers:

Go to this website and get your manual.


Enjoy :)

Chris asks…

Installing Lexmark X5650 Drivers?

trying to install Lexmark X4650 All in one on an Acer Aspire M1100 with Vista Home Premius. Printer says its Vista compatible, but having no luck, called Lexmark tech support, they could now help even with laters drivers. Runs on XP HOme with no problem but need it on this computer.

Administrator answers:

Drivers for Vista —

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