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August 20, 2013

Chris asks…

scanning problems with lexmark x5650?

For some reason, when I try to scan something I get a message that says:

“An image-to-text (OCR) application is provided for you on your CD in the OCR folder”
It won’t let me scan, and eventually the printer reads “scan failed”

Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know how to fix it?


Administrator answers:

If you installed the drivers correctly for the lexmark. Go in the START menu and start the scannign software from there. The light should come on and you are ready to Scan.

The software has to be loaded first. If you are using Photoshop, make sure you have the TWAIN driver loaded or it won’t work.

If you need OCR program. Download FreeOCR. Its FREE, works better than those you buy and it can open the scanned images in Microsoft Word and ready to be edited.

Here is the link

Donald asks…

I literally just bought a Lexmark X5650 and it is saying carrier jam… I don’t know what to do.?

Administrator answers:

Take it back.
Lexmark makes terrible printers, and out of the box you are already having issues.

Ruth asks…

My Lexmark X5650 won’t scan?

I drew some pictures yesterday on some normal scketchbook paper and some copy paper and I tried to scan each sheet, and no matter what size I used, the full picture didn’t scan! I scanned them up to internet explorer, tried most of the quality settings? It prints, faxes, and copies perfectly FINE! If you know what to do, PLEASE help me! I just want to scan my art onto the internet! I don’t care what I have to save it to, just help me!

Administrator answers:

Try to set your printer back to its default settings. But first, since you’re using your printer as fax and you may have configured some fax settings to work in your system, try to print the current fax Settings List and use this info later to reconfigure your fax printer. From the printer operator panel, press the Setup button > Fax Setup > Reports > Print Reports > Settings List.

To set the printer to its factory default settings, from the printer operator panel, press the Setup button > Defaults > Set Defaults > Use Factory. Your printer will then reboot itself. When the printer turns on, enter the required information for the initial setup. Then try to scan again to verify that the problem is fixed.

Use the printed Fax Settings List to reconfigure your fax settings.

Should you need further assistance, please contact us through email at or chat with one of our customer advocates at (available Monday – Friday (US: 4:00am – 7:00pm EST; UK: 9:00am – 11:00pm GMT)). We’d be glad to assist you.

Steven asks…

how do I change my printer status to ready?

I have a Lexmark X5650 series all-in-one. I can print from everywhere except Microsoft Office Word. The printer is idle. How do I change the status of my printer to ready?

Administrator answers:

Make sure Word is trying to print to that printer. This can even be a problem if you have only one printer available, because Word 2007 can also try to print to an XPS Document “printer”. Check which printer Word is going to use this way:

1. Press CTRL/P to bring up the Printer dialog box.
2. Examine the selection in the Name list box.

Hope that helps.

Susan asks…

Lexmark X5650 Scanning Problem?

I have a Lexmark X5650 All in 1 printer. When I scan it using file, windows paint, notepad, etc. The scan always comes out cropped out. Like zoomed in and cropped. No matter what I do. I went to Scanners and Printers and tested it and the test came out perfectly but I cant use the test picture for some retarded reason. This printer is really pissing me off. What a useless machine. Does anyone know how to fix the scanner cropping malfunction?
Yea I have. The practice scan crops out fine but the actual scans fail.
I fixed it. You have to get the installation CD and click install other stuff or something like that. Then you install Lexmark Productivity Studio. Then you use that to scan your stuff. The OCR is also on there.

Administrator answers:

Lexmark always have scanner issues for whatever reason. Have you tried to go to control panel and click on Scanners & Cameras. You should see the scanner icon there. Click it and se if that fixes your cropping.

Sandra asks…

my lexmark x5650 printer wont turn on?

i have a lexmark x5650es printer. one day i was using it then i tried to use it again and it wouldnt turn on. when i plug the cord the little buttin that says “color” at the top and “black” at the bottom. it would just be on. and the power button is turned on but it looks faded… and it wont work when i press it. i tried taking out the power adapter but nothing would work. please help.
heres a picture of my printer:

Administrator answers:

I think you did a good job removing and replugging the power adapter into the printer. That would’ve reset the printer. Something is definitely wrong here. I strongly suggest you contact Lexmark technical support (1-800-539-6275) for additional assistance. If you wish to be contacted, you can leave your contact info at and I’ll give a call or drop you a note. Thanks.

Mark asks…

I have windows fax and scan on my computer and for some reason it will only scan 1 page at a time? I several?

I need to scan a 30 page document. I have a Lexmark X5650 all in one printer. Any idea what the problem is?

Administrator answers:

Use the Lexmark Productivity Studio if you’re scanning multiple documents. To access that, click on Start > All Programs > Lexmark 5600-6600 Series > Lexmark Productivity Studio.

If you don’t see that option, you’ll need to install that using the Installation CD for your printer.

Donna asks…

How to connect a printer to another computer?????!!!?

I have a 2 computer a mac and PC I have my printer hooked up to my mac (LexMark X5650 Non wifi compatible) and I need to hook it up to my PC also but there not another port on the printer to do that?

Administrator answers:

Peer-to-peer networking is an option, as well as sharing using a router, but both of those would require the computer with the printer to be on whenever the other computer needed to print.

A simpler solution would be to get a USB automatic printer sharing switch adapter that both computers can use equally. Here’s some links for some I found:

They’re easy to use and setup and fairly inexpensive.

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